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Elliott GeFellers Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Machine Shop I, Machine Shop II, Machine Shop III, Machine Shop IV


MAHLE INC, in the Motorsports department, is where I worked machining pistons for NASCAR and various other racing leagues before I started teaching my profession to students.


Students are now Dual Enrolled with TCAT Morristown in our high school classes.

Machines Available for student learning:

Haas VF-1 3 axis mill

Haas VF-1 3 axis mill with A axis 

Mazak QT Nexus 100-II M

New Jan. 2018 Haas TL-1 Toolroom Lathe

8 New Kingston HJ-1100 Conventional Lathes Jan. 2018

6 Knee Mills

Surface Grinder

Pedestal Grinders

Horizontal Bandsaw

Horizontal Mill