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GTC accepting bids for Engine Lathes
Posted On:
Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Greene Technology Center is requesting bids for the purchase of engine lathes. Any qualified party interested in bidding may access bid specifications below.  All bids should be sent to the following address no later than 3:00pm on October 11, 2017, and be marked engine lathes on the outside of the envelope.  The bids will be opened on October 11, 2017 at 3:01 p.m. Greene Technology Center reserves the right to reject all bids and/or accept the bid that is in the best interest of the school.


Greene Technology Center

1121 Hal Henard Road

Greeneville, TN 37743

Phone 423-639-0171

Bid Specifications for Eight High Speed Precision Geared Head Engine Lathes

1.       Must include shipping in pricing FOB 1121 Hal Henard Rd Greeneville TN 37743

2.       No “Made in China” machines will be considered

3.       All machines must have taper attachments and installed

4.       Machine must be Brand New

5.       Meehanite casting bed

6.       Bid prices good through November 31, 2017

7.       One-piece base for rigidity and vibration dampening

8.       Net weight of machine under 4250 lbs. for installation

9.       3 Jaw chuck size of 8” or greater

10.    Controls are easily reachable for the operator so the operator will not have to reach over the chuck

11.    ONLY 4 12” four jaw independent chucks required

12.    5C collet closer chucks

13.    5C collet set by 16ths (1/8” to 1”)

14.    Heavy duty two speed tailstock

15.    Tailstock quill diameter 2.280” with MT #4 Live Centers

16.    Timing belt for gear changes/ no quadrant gears

17.    Leadscrew diameter and pitch 1.375” x 4TPI

18.    Roundness, cylindricity, spindle hole runout, parallelism bed to slide, and spindle nose runout must be no more than .0008”

19.    Spindle motor HP of 7.5, 3 phase 220/440V 60 cycle wiring, 12 steps spindle speeds

20.    Automatic lubrication for adjusted to oil bed way, cross slide, or both

21.    Dead center for spindle nose/headstock spindle center adaptor, MT#6 to MT#4

22.    Ground steel center for headstock and tailstock MT#4

23.    Inch/metric gearbox

24.    Swing over cross slide 9.450”

25.    Swing over gap 24.000”

26.    Swing over Bed 16.900”

27.    Taper of spindle bore MT #6 or #7 with sleeve for dead center

28.    Tailstock Quill travel 5.875”

29.    Machine controls mounted on front of machine

30.    Factory direct company

31.    Travel of compound rest 5”

32.    Bed width 11.750”

33.    Cross slide travel 9.812”

34.    Cross slide screw is hardened and oil bathed

35.    Cross slide is equipped with a backlash adjustment feed nut to maintain the accuracy

36.    Hardened and ground bed ways and cross slide

37.    Heat treated precision alloy ground gears

38.    Tool box with necessary wrenches and spanners

39.    Automatic longitudinal multiple feed stop

40.    Automatic longitudinal carriage stop

41.    Must cut American Inch and Metric Threads

42.    We maintain the right to not except bids

43.    Longitudinal and cross feed per revolution range of MIN .0008” to .0400”

44.    Full length splash guard

45.    D1-6 Spindle Nose

46.    2.250” Spindle Bore with D1-6 camlock

47.    43.000” Useable Distance Between Centers

48.    4-way tool post with T-slot with LATHE TOOL BIT HOLDERS FOR HSS TOOL BITS

49.    Thread chasing dial

50.    Precision NSK and SKF bearings on spindle for accuracy and rigidity

51.    Must have all supplemental material (operation, maintenance manuals)

52.    Any additional information concerning the bid or piece of equipment must be included

53.    All bids must be delivered to Greene Technology Center  1121 Hal Henard Road, Greeneville, TN 37743 no later than 3.:00 p.m. October 11, 2017.


Bid sheet must indicate machine specs and options with prices and total.  Also, must include who bid is quoted by with all contact information, company address, phone, and fax, etc.  Inquiries can also be emailed to Elliott GeFellers at  Send all bids to:


Greene Technology Center- Indicate on envelope “Equipment Bid”

ATTN:  Ginger Crawford/Randy Wells

1121 Hal Henard Road

Greeneville, TN 37743

423-639-0171 Phone

423-639-0176 FAX



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