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School Nutrition: Increasing Participation & Excellent Health Scores
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Monday, January 08, 2018
Food Tray at Greeneville High School
Food Tray at Greeneville High School

Greeneville City Schools participates in the National School Lunch Program and the School Breakfast Program. As part of this program, schools offer healthy meals every school day. To continue participation in federally funded programs, cafeterias must abide by a strict set of standards and regulations. It is with great pleasure we announce the public health inspection scores for the following school sites:

  • Greeneville High School, 100
  • Greeneville Middle School, 99
  • EastView Elementary School, 100
  • Hal Henard Elementary School, 100
  • Highland Elementary School, 100
  • Tusculum View Elementary School, 100

This school year kicked off with the implementation of new recipes and menus resulting in an increase in school participation. For breakfast, there was an increase of 3,082 meals, while 5,549 more lunches were served during the first semester of the school year.  Under the leadership of the Nutrition Director, Mrs. Johnna Beard, emphasis on variety and quality of foods has been stressed to the cafeteria staff and implemented throughout Greeneville City Schools’ cafeterias. Brunch for lunch, Taco Tuesday, and Asian cuisine day has attributed to the success of increased participation. Mrs. Beard says, “We look forward to implementing more changes in order to increase participation and encourage our students to eat healthier.”

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