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Fall 2008 Student Council Members

Congratulations to the following students who were chosen to serve on the Center for Technology Student Council:


Advanced Students: 
Phillip Helbert (GHS)  Automotive Repair
Cole Upton (SG)CAD
Daniel Elliott (SG)Carpentry
Margaret Berry (CD)Early Childhood Ed. Careers
TJ Schlotman (WG)Collision Repair
Gregory Pierce (WG)Computer Science
Maygon Broyles (GHS)Cosmetology
Ayla Taylor (WG)Health Science 
Kalysta Jones (WG)Health Science
Ethan Tolliver (CD)Machine Tool
Jimmy Dean Willis (WG)Welding

Beginning Students: 
Derrick Roderick  (SG)Automotive Repair
Michele Roberts  (GHS)CAD
David Holzerman  (WG)Carpentry
Heather Babb  (NG)Criminal Justice
Beverly Franklin  (CD)Early Childhood Ed. Careers
Jessica Johnson  (CD)Collision Repair
Travis Hartman (WG)Computer Science
Allison Carter  (NG)Cosmetology
Paige Murdock  (WG)Health Science
Jenny Johnson  (WG)Health Science
Jacob Sasser  (WG)Machine Tool
Chris Shoemaker (NG)Welding